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Our goal is simple; luxury candles for hard working people. Our love of candles and aromatherapy began in the spring of 2017. In preparation for dealing with the natural anxiety associated with starting graduate school, we researched effective ways to promote calmness and relaxation. We found a combination of visual, auditory, and olfactory stimulation resulted in the highest degree of relaxation and bliss – and so we created an aesthetically appealing and highly fragrant essential oil candle, complete with a crackling wooden wick.

Immerse yourself in 12 scents thoughtfully crafted to satisfy your aromatherapeutic needs by Nerd Hero Candles. The Nerd Hero custom blend candles features: Nightcap, Cigar Lounge, Date Night, Power Trip,  and Magic Hour,  Presented in black tumbler glasses and accompanied by exquisite Nerd Hero logo, each candle is FSC certified 100% vegan and eco-friendly. Enjoy the 50 hours of burn time. Each candle is created in micro batches of no more than five by our hands.



At Nerd Hero every candle tells a story, igniting your senses and transporting you to a world of sophistication and elegance. From the meticulously selected fragrances to the sleek design, each Nerd Hero candle is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Be our commitment goes beyond creating exceptional candles. We are passionate about uplifting all communities.


At Nerd Hero we are more than just a candle company. We are a movement, a celebration of uniqueness and individuality. Founded in the summer of 2020, Javan wanted to create a candle company for the Culture. For hardworking guys, by hardworking guys. As a nursing home administrator and second year doctoral student, when it comes to managing stress and recharging, Javan knows all too well about intentionality. Our commitment is to craft the finest, hand- poured candles that embody the essence of masculinity, while championing diversity and inclusion. We believe in the power of representation and aim to inspire others to embrace their true selves regardless of societal norms or expectations. Join us on this journey as we redefine what it means to be a hero. Light up a Nerd Hero candle and let its warm glow remind you of the strength and resilience within. Together, lets create a world where everyone's unique story is celebrated and cherished. 

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