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We are happy to meet you. We are a pretty chill bunch that works hard and play even harder. .  

Javan Nelson

Founder & CEO

Javan, our CEO and founder, was born and raised in Jamaica. He is a nursing home administrator and the owner of Nerd Hero Candles. He creates unique and fragrant candles inspired by his Jamaican roots and love of music.

Adonis Buchanan

Vice President

Adonis, our VP, is a forestry enthusiast from Chicago. He loves to reconnect with nature, and his passion for the outdoors inspires him to create unique and fragrant candles that will bring the peace and tranquility of the forest to your home.

Akiliaha is our Marketing Director and UX Designer/Researcher. She is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with Nerd Hero is best in class. In her spare time, Akiliaha creates websites, offers monthly website maintenance services, designs apps, and focuses on holistic health. Her love of candles stems from her self-care routine.

Akiliaha Rankine

Marketing Director & UXer

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